The Dairy Shop

Under controlled environment herds are milked and the milk is quickly further processed, with ancient craftsmanship improved by daily exercise. Sanitary controls are regularly performed before milk is qualified for processing.
Azienda Agricola Cavalli is a benchmark for Canestrato di Moliterno cheese production, blending sheep and goat milk, and awarded from European Commission the IGP – Indicazione Geografica Protetta.
The product range includes also other blended sheep/goat cheeses, farm sheep “Pecorini” short and medium seasoned, goats with natural light mold, soft and seasoned. The three milks Gran Cavalli, is another bright spot and further Caciocavalli (means cheese on horseback), fresh cheese and pasta filata (stretched curd). Azienda Agricola Cavalli dairy products are additive, dyes and preservative free.

The gullies cover most of the farm grounds, warm weather is freshened by the breezes from the Metapontum shoreline, shaping the green of the meadows.
Sheep and goat pasture all the year along therefore the milk reflect the season change and the herbal growth stage.
The salt mist and the salted soil enhances the flavor with enjoyable iodine marks.
Further both the breeds and the limited output of milk contribute to its diversity.
Comisana sheep and Syrian red goat, have adapted long time ago to this neighborhood, resulting in a perfect balance with the environment and with the selection they perform of the meadows herbs. Thus the milk flavoring and nourishing are at their best.
The curd has a animal source, therefore is no OGM.