The Orchards

The land is a matter of balance, get along and it’s easy going. She is leading us thru the path of a holistic behavior. Soil, weather, herds and men join as a “unique” community.
Our special land is the source of life and well being for the herds; the dedicated meadows of our farm sheep and goat know and enjoy, rich with spontaneous bushes, the favorite lightly flavored honeysuckle.
A leguminosae honeysuckle improves the soil texture and productivity mainly for its abundance of nitrogen that favors all other growing: alfalfa, vetch, peas, barley, oats …
The vegetable landscape ranges from mediterranean scrub to cultivated fields, alternate wooded areas and wild growing, the herbal floor with a wealth of asphodels, gladiolus, clover and spices as coriander and oregano.